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Our firm is highly specialised in commercial and fiscal law

At Roderick Abogados we enjoy difficult cases, as our passion is handling cases that are real challenges, going where others cannot go, to offer our exclusive club of clients innovatory, reliable solutions to help them avoid costly risks and make their investments and projects worthwhile
All our experience and know-how is at the service of Businesses and Companies

Restructuring and insolvency proceedings

A complicated future scenario in your company? Explore all the options with us, the best diagnosis, an analysis of the legal framework and exhaustive assistance to ensure you make the right decisions.

Commercial Law

Corporate conflicts? Thinking about selling or taking over a company? A merger? Do you want to make your investment profitable?


Are you trying to become more efficient fiscally? To save on your investments and projects? At Roderick Abogados we offer you all the assistance you will need to roll out your plan for a fiscal strategy.
Make sure you save tax now!


Defend your rights and interests with the support of Roderick Abogados when claiming and / or defending liability of company secretaries and administrators or when in conflict with your business partners. We place all our energy and experience at your service.


All-round high quality legal services

At Roderick Abogados because we like challenges, we aim to offer the best possible service to our clients. With the combined involvement of all our experts, we will advise you on two vital fronts: legal and financial.



Our clients share their experiences

“What we value the most about the work done by the team of Roderick Abogados is their professionalism and thoroughness. We are talking about an intangible value that the professionals at Roderick communicate in all their interviews with the client. They have always put themselves in our shoes in any negotiation, being able to see even further than our own eyes. In both the cases of ours that Roderick Abogados have taken on, the objectives were met 100%. A properly done job gives you the peace of mind to be able to relax with your back well-covered. Furthermore, the staff of Roderick Abogados have shown things such as punctuality, dedication, personal involvement, and professionalism that are so important to a client”

Gonzalo Belaustegui


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