Commercial and Mercantile law

Corporate conflicts? Thinking about selling or purchasing a company? A fusion? Making your investment profitable?

All the advice necessary to tackle restructuring a business successfully, planning insolvency proceedings, formulating commercial strategies or dealing with contracts.
If there are conflicts within the business, either at shareholder’s meetings or in the board of directors, if you are worried about taking on or being given legal liabilities as company secretary, if you wish to sell or purchase a company, as well as merging and restructuring it to become more competitive in the market, if you want to make your investments profitable safely, Roderick Abogados provides you with a highly specialised service of Commercial Law with the guarantee provided by the extensive experience and know-how of their immensely professional partners, who will help you to overcome such problems and ensure the success of your investments and projects.

More specifically, with great effectiveness we deal with:

  • Company disputes.
  • Shareholders´ agreements.
  • Secretaries to Boards of Directors
  • Company and group restructuring
  • Company Sales and purchases of businesses(companies, branches of economic activity, assets).
  • Obligations and responsibilities of shareholders, company secretaries, and administrators.
  • Transactions and investments in the hospitality industry.
  • Investment analysis.


“What we value the most about the work done by the team of Roderick Abogados is their professionalism and thoroughness. We are talking about an intangible value that the professionals at Roderick communicate in all their interviews with the client. They have always put themselves in our shoes in any negotiation, being able to see even further than our own eyes. In both the cases of ours that Roderick Abogados have taken on, the objectives were met 100%. A properly done job gives you the peace of mind to be able to relax with your back well-covered. Furthermore, the staff of Roderick Abogados have demonstrated things such as punctuality, dedication, personal involvement, and professionalism that are so important to a client”

Gonzalo Belaustegui