Our clients’ experiences


The quality of our work, and above all, our commitment to all the cases that we take on are backed by the opinion that our clients have about our firm.



On entering a world like this, completely unfamiliar to a businessman that has spent his entire life fighting to make a go of his business, it is difficult to confirm whether all our expectations have been met or not, because we had none specifically in mind; we just wanted to make sure that everything went as well as possible, with the minimum possible effects on the company and staff.

To be honest, we have enjoyed working with you at Roderick Abogados, although we would have rather met you in other circumstances. It is true that you have always been very tactful with us while dealing with issues of which we were so ignorant

We are pleased with the results, with the service received and above all with the personal attention, which has been completely appropriate.

Jerónima Fiol Piol



What we value the most about the work done by the team of Roderick Abogados is their professionalism and thoroughness. We are talking about an intangible value that the professionals at Roderick communicate in all their interviews with the client. They have always put themselves in our shoes in any negotiation, being able to see even further than our own eyes. In both the cases of ours that Roderick Abogados have taken on, the objectives were met 100%. A properly done job gives you the peace of mind to be able to relax with your back well-covered. Furthermore, the staff of Roderick Abogados have demonstrated things such as punctuality, dedication, personal involvement, and professionalism that are so important to a client.

Gonzalo Belaustegui


Pascual Associats

What I liked most about Roderick Abogados was the overall view that they wanted to have of our situation in order to advise us fully in the most suitable way, as well as their remarkable ability to meet the agreed deadlines.

Despite the complicated situation that we were in, we managed to get back on track and face future events in a sensible, cautious way. Personal contact was very friendly yet correct, and the service provided very professional, with the aim of ensuring that the strategies set out would take shape within the agreed deadline.

Gabriel Pascual Font



What I liked most about working with Roderick Abogados was the friendliness of our relationship, as well as the peace of mind that you have when working with experts with vast knowledge of the legal matters entrusted to them. Everything has turned out better than I could have expected, and I would have never imagined that such a close bond between client and lawyer could be generated. This has been one of the keys to the success of working with Roderick Abogados. That it is not just a professional relationship means that all the issues are faced with greater enthusiasm and optimism, which is vital for a successful conclusion.

Tomeu Ordinas