The Firm

Roderick Abogados

A team that is passionate about challenges. A selection of demanding professionals buttressed by their lengthy experience and innovative vision.

The Firm

Our beginnings

Roderick Abogados was founded in 2012, as a result of the interest of the main professional partner in creating a highly specialised law firm concentrating on mercantile, commercial and fiscal law, thereby combining his experience and know-how with the highest level of professional and ethical standards; this enabled his partners to develop their passion for providing services in difficult cases, which was to mean a new professional challenge. This was combined with the one and only goal of satisfying exclusively the interests and rights of their clients in pursuit of their maximum benefit.

Scope of action

We have a great deal of experience and knowledge in issues of insolvency and restructuring; disputes between partners; administrators’ responsibilities and liabilities; the sale, purchase and merger of companies; domestic and foreign investments; representation in defence of and claims over rights and interests in court cases and lawsuits; we have built up this experience in over 15 years of professional practice, carried out at the highest level, providing top quality services exclusively to our demanding clients, who have had their most significant problems and concerns solved in their businesses, companies and investments in every sector of the economy, but particularly in the real estate and tourist sectors.

 What makes us different?

We differentiate ourselves by providing a totally dedicated service that enables us to select only those issues in which we can provide the added value that others are unable to give, which means our clients have an exclusive service in concordance with their expectations and demands; this, in turn, serves to overcome their problems and satisfy their most pressing needs .


Antonio Almendros Ruiz

Heading up Roderick Abogados, Antonio coordinates the skills of a number of experts. His qualifications and experience in the professional services that he provides to his clients are renowned, and these are complemented by a thorough understanding of the real situation of their businesses. This is also the case with respect to his interest in constantly updating his knowledge and to having an active presence in the most dynamic social forums.

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